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Hey, back with another LiPCast! I hope you guys are enjoying this new thing that I am doing. I am enjoying doing these videos and learning more and more about producing videos.

Prices in the Philippines have been skyrocketing. One of the things that people are really complaining about is the price of Sili. Sili is the local name of these small red chili peppers that are grown here. Sili prices in the Philippines, of late, have been up as high as P3,000 per kilo! That is super high compared to normal prices.

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It happens that we have a sili plant in our backyard. In the past, we never bothered with the chilis though. I noticed the other day that the plant had a LOT of ripe chili peppers, though, and I decided to pick them and figure out a way to make use of all of the peppers that were ready to harvest.

Today, I made a little concoction with the local Philippine peppers, and it turned out delicious! I am very happy with both the end product and my ability to make use of the newly pricey ingredient! I predict that in the future we won’t let these little peppers rot on the vine!

Take a look at the video and see what you think!

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Bob Martin

Bob Martin is the Publisher & Editor in Chief of the Live in the Philippines Web Magazine. Bob is an Internet Entrepreneur. Bob is an American who lived in Mindanao from 2000 until 2019. Bob has now relocated back to the USA.

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Fair warning Bob, the longer the Sili pepper sauce ages the hotter it gets!


Up here in Batangas they are called labuyas. They are pretty common here, you see them throughout the subdivision. You are right prices here have really jumped, but 3000p per kilo for peppers. Sounds like a possible business venture in the future lol.

John Reyes
John Reyes

If you’ve ridden a provincial bus on Luzon on a long-distance trip, say, Manila to Baguio and back, you are likely to see food vendors hopping onto the bus at every other bus stop to sell snacks like chicharon. You will also notice that they carry a bottle of vinegar strapped to their waist. Inside that bottle of vinegar are crushed siling labuyo, and this is what makes chicharon taste better. Without it is like eating a peanut butter sandwich without jelly.

Louie Velasquez
Louie Velasquez

Hi Bob, so glad to see that your in control of your health, your looking good! I liked your Sili article as we are thinking of bringing seeds to grow. I am not sure though of any restrictions with seeds coming into the Philippines.


Hi Bob Did you know that birds love those little chilies. They are also known as bird chilies. We very often use them here so we have a good few plants. One time I went to pick some and found they we all gone, I thought that maybe they were all picked for use in the kitchen but when I went to see why so many were being used I was informed that the birds eat them. So if you plan to use them maybe better either protect them with netting or something otherwise pick them before the birds get… Read more »

Horace Bowers
Horace Bowers

Lately too many people have talked about heart problems as they are smoking. Every morning we have a beets, carrots, apple, and ginger cocktail. Please give it a thought.

I’m not saying people who try my cocktail will like it or will live longer. But they’ll feel better.

Peter Devlin

Very impressive and professional Bob! The LiPCast makes a nice change to just reading articles.
I’m not a chili lover myself but we did have a plant in our garden presumably planted by a former occupant. My adoptive family picked chilies every week (they were the small variety), and I didn’t know that they were so pricey. Then about 3 months ago it just died on us for some reason.


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