Ways to Save some Pesos!

Today as I was thinking about what topic to discuss I was out with my wife at the local market and it all of a sudden dawned on me??

I am not sure if my other half never realized this or just did not want to put forth the effort. I noticed that every time she would go to a vendor and buy something she would just ask the price and then pay. I asked her why did she do that? She said what, and I explained to here that it is acceptable to not pay what they first ask for anything. It is called Haggling, or negotiating a better price. I guess she never thought of that so now she uses this almost every
time now. As an example, if the vendor quotes a price of 200 pesos, I told her to say a cheaper price such as 100 pesos. Most of the time they will say no but you need to give yourself room to get a good deal at the same time allowing the vendor to make a profit.

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It is always good to do research before you go to the market and know what an item normally costs at the big store so you know you are getting a fair deal. I have found that vendors actually respect you at the end because you do haggle a price, but remember not to be too unreasonable and to always be willing to walk away if they say no cheaper price as there are always other vendors selling the exact same thing somewhere else in the market. Most of the time when you say let’s go over to this other vendor they will likely ask you not to leave and they will come down on their price if they really want to sell anything. I can remember my best deal when I was on a cruise years ago and I was looking for a Custom Handmade Marble Chess set. After doing my research and knowing the color and design I liked I found several vendors offering the same item. The first place I went started really high at $180 for the complete handmade set. After approximately 30 minutes of walking out of the store and being asked to come back, I eventually got a very good deal for the set for $100. I know that was even too much but I know it was fair for both of us. So next time you go to these hometown markets be prepared and look to get your peso value better than just accepting the price they first offer you.

The next thing that a lot of Filipinos are not aware of is that when they go to local resorts and hotels that they have different rates.

Some for tourists and other rates for the locals that live here. So always when making reservations or inquiring about the price of a hotel, resort or package deal always ask for the Filipino rate as most of the time it is a lot cheaper price and will save you some pesos. Most businesses require that your Filipino spouse just bring some form of ID to prove that they live here in the Philippines. I know that my wife and I saved more than 4000 pesos a day for our room at the Shangri La Beach Resort on Mactan Island, Cebu for our Honeymoon. So always never be afraid to ask. As I always say… If you don’t ask, you will never

Till next time everyone God Bless.

Alan Schmidt

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MaryJane Maglangit

When we go to the market we mostly don’t haggle as we usually go to our suki and know what the going rate is. If we go to a different vendor my wife will definitely haggle. One time when we went to a different vendor than our suki. my wife was doing her haggling and the vendor said to her “your married to a foreigner and your kuripot(cheap)”. I got a laugh out of that.


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